What improvements increase your home’s selling price?

When you carry out home improvement projects, there’s an immediate benefit to your quality of life but there’s also the possibility of an uplift in your property’s selling price. The question is, given the variety of works you can carry out, if you were looking to see

Cool Advantage of Owning a Green Car

If you’re in the market for an environmentally friendly car, chances are you’re pretty conscious of the world around you and your impact on it. You probably also take seriously your role to help protect the environment, and are drawn to the smaller carbon footprint made by

Will solar panels boost your property value?

Build a raised deck or add a new steel front door, and your investment will likely return if you need to sell. But do energy saving features like solar power systems follow the rule? A recent study that included residents of California has shown that homeowners who

Sorry, you can’t take that posh city break in my house: it’s too condensed

There are gorgeous houses in my west London neighbourhood where the bedrooms look like five-star hotel suites and the sitting rooms have featured on Downton Abbey or Grand Designs.
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